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Sarah Parker
Executive Director
Ext 30

Laurie Girard

Administrative Aide
Ext 24

Leslie Michael
Ext 21


Finance Department

Kelsha Hull
Accounting & Payroll Specialist
Ext 41

Tia Larkins
Director of Finance
Ext 38

Julie Daggett
Accounts Payable Specialist
​Ext 33

Sissy Garinger
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Ext 35


Housing Department

Desiree Myers Nallusamy
Housing Manager
Ext 29

Glenn Doney
HCV Occupancy Specialist
Ext 34

Susan Lambert
HCV Program Specialist
Ext 23

Kyndra Ritchie
HCV Program Specialist
Ext 26

Brooklyn Romine
Owned and Managed

Occupancy Specialist
Ext 36

Thera Pallis
Housing Navigator 
Ext 28

On-Site Coordinator
Blue Springs Crossing

Family Self-Sufficiency

Kitt Kindle
FSS Coordinator
Ext 27

Angle Middleton
FSS Coordinator
Ext 22

​Property Management
Marc Mansholt
Director of Asset Management
Ext 44

Ryan Garinger
Site Manager Union County

Mark Dodge
Site Manager Union/Wallowa County

Andrew McMillan
Union/Baker County

James Nash
Site Manager Baker County

J.F. Griffin
Site Manager Baker County

Connor Broemeling
Site Manager Grant County

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