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Welcome to the Northeast Oregon Housing Authority

Northeast Oregon Housing Authority, commonly knows as NEOHA, is located in the scenic Grande Ronde Valley. NEOHA is dedicated to enhancing the qualify of life for residents located in Union, Baker, Grant, and Wallowa County. Since its conception in 1976, NEOHA  has continuously worked towards achieving the highest and best use of housing for individuals of low to moderate income. These goals are accomplished through the promotion of economic development, home-ownership, and self-sufficiency opportunities while working with community partners whose goals are similarly aligned. In the last 40 years NEOHA has seen enormous growth in its ability to assist with housing in our communities. The organization has grown from providing assistance to 160 households to over 1100 today; with an average economic contribution of over 6 million dollars annually. As we look towards the future, our hope is to continue providing assistance to our neighbors in need and to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve and our surrounding communities.


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