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How do I apply?

Are you interested in applying for both the Housing Choice Voucher program and the apartments owned and managed by NEOHA?


If so, the Streamlined Application allows you to apply for both programs at once.

Are you interested in applying for only the Housing Choice Voucher Program?


The HCV program is a rental assistance program. A Housing Choice Voucher can be used with any landlord to assist low-income persons with paying a portion of their rent based on their monthly income. The voucher can also move with you if  you decide you would like to move to a different unit. 

  • Housing Choice Voucher Application

Are  you interested in applying for NEOHA Owned and Managed Rentals? 


NEOHA owns and manages a variety of apartment complexes and duplexes in Union, Baker, Wallowa, and Grant County. A Housing Choice Voucher may be used in the apartments and duplexes owned and managed by NEOHA to provide rental subsidy unless there is already a subsidy at the rental.

  • Owned and Managed Rental Application