How do I apply?

Are you interested in applying for the Housing Choice Voucher program?

If so, please click on the link below. Once your application is submitted please allow 7-10 business days for processing. You will then receive an eligibility letter in the mail and be placed on the waiting list.

Are  you interested in applying for NEOHA Owned and Managed Rentals? 


NEOHA owns and manages a variety of apartment complexes and duplexes in Union, Baker, Wallowa, and Grant County. A Housing Choice Voucher may be used in the apartments and duplexes owned and managed by NEOHA to provide rental subsidy unless there is already a subsidy at the rental.

Additional information needed for all applications:

  • Copies of Social Security Cards for all household members.

  • Government issued Photo Identification for all adults and Birth Certificates for all minors.